Macreurops longicollis

Macreurops Casey 1916


Macreurops is in the tribe Europini, subfamily Monotominae, and is closely related to the genus Europs (Bousquet 2002a). There is only one species: Macreurops longicollis.


One of the more distinct genera, Macreurops can be distinguished by its elongate & subparallel pronotum, two-segmented antennal club, narrow & acute intercoxal process, and the male possessing two vertical rows of proportionally longer setae on the first abdominal segment.


Little is known about the biology of Macreurops longicollis other than that is usually collected under oak species. Males and females differ slightly in size (Casey 1916).


The only known species is restricted to the Pacific Coast of North America, in the states of Washington, Oregon, and California and the province of British Columbia.

List of Species

(Horn 1879)

Suggested References

Casey 1916 - original genus description

Sen Gupta 1988 - review of morphology and comparison to closely related genera