Aneurops championi

Aneurops Sharp 1900


Aneurops belongs to the heterogeneous tribe Europini, and is closely allied to the genus Europs (Bousquet 2003a). It is one of a few monotomid genera with a described fossil species (Aneurops daugpilensis). The type species is Aneurops championi.


This genus can be distinguished by the possession of a median pubescent plaque on the first abdominal ventrite of the male (Bousquet 1990), partially exposed protrochantins, and very short femoral lines.


Not much is known about the habits of this genus. Aneurops convergens has been collected almost exclusively under bark of Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) or unidentified coniferous trees. The larvae have not been described and feeding preferences are unknown. The recent description of the Baltic amber species, Aneurops daugpilensis, indicates that this genus is at least as old as the Eocene, and that it once had a more widespread distribution (Bukejs & Alekseev 2015).


Extant species of this genus are found exclusively in the New World, from the western United States (Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico) south to Mexico (Durango, Nuevo Leon, Hidalgo) and Central America (Guatemala).

List of Species


(Sharp 1900)
Sharp 1900

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